Installatie van hout, staal, steen, water, plastic en aramide

150000 (variabel)cm x 40 x 180


Kunsthuis Syb

You’re walking somewhere and suddenly see a thread, a wire that spans from left to right. You attempt to follow the line, but because it is so thin it disappears from view. You attempt to see where the line could be connected. Euclid teaches us that a line is a connection between two points, but what if these points cannot be found? A thread cannot truly just hang in midair, right? By following the thread, you could find out what the length is, but which side do you start following? How did this thread end up here, and what does it do with you? Constructing this would take preparation. This requires the permission of land owners or other organisations, for instance. The thread could become tangled if it touches the ground, so it is of the utmost importance that it is kept off the ground.  This project shows the importance of cooperation. The line literally connects people with each other. When the thread is finally made, you will have a unique experience of the landscape.